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May 18

It’s getting Colder and Darker!

It’s winter time so things are getting colder and darker!

If you’re coming down to visit us to get a car part after work or anytime after 5:00pm it may be a good idea to bring a torch!

With the end of daylight saving it’s getting darker earlier and earlier, because a lot of our cars are inside our buildings you won’t get wet in the rain but it can be a bit dark under bonnets and inside cars so it might just be a good idea to bring a torch with you!

If you don’t have one that’s OK too as we can sell you a torch while you’re here at a very good price!



So rain or shine… Zebra U-Pick Car Parts is the¬†place to get the best deal on used car parts you pick yourself

Plus it’s only $2.00 to get in!


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