Yard Rules

The head ZEBRA says you must follow these rules, if you don’t you might get into trouble and you could get thrown out of the herd!

By entering our yard you agree to follow ALL of our rules.

  • it’s a $2.00 CASH entry fee per person per entry, paid before you enter
  • We accept Cash, Eftpos or Visa-Master card as payment for parts
  • All prices include GST (No hidden costs)
  • You enter our yard at your own risk, be safe and don’t do anything silly!
  • You must wear closed toe foot wear, NO jandels or bare feet etc.
  • You need to bring your own tools, we don’t provide any tools at all
  • We will check your tool box, bags, jackets etc when you enter and leave
  • Police will be called if anyone is suspected of trying to remove parts from the yard without paying for them.
  • NO smoking ANYWHERE at all (It’s dangerous and it’s not healthy!)
  • NO power tools, petrol fuel powered or cutting tools of any kind are allowed
  • NO gas cutting or welding gear is allowed
  • NO children under 16-years are allowed and you can’t leave them alone in your car in our car park
  • NO you cannot bring your pet dog, cat, Zebra or any other animal with you
  • If you bring a sample part in with you it must be “Checked-in” by our staff member, if not you will have to pay for your own part when you leave!
  • There is NO guarantee on any part you pick yourself, if you are not sure of the part you want you should bring a sample with you
  • You can NOT return any part once you have picked it or removed it yourself, NO exceptions!
  • Anyone that looks like they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be admitted and the Police may be called
  • Anyone behaving in an aggressive or disturbing manner to staff or any other person will be asked to leave and Police may be called
  • NO we cannot “Hold” parts for you and you can’t put parts on hold, you must remove and pay for them when you are in the yard or you will miss out
  • Please be careful, if you break something while removing a part you will have to pay for it
  • We try hard to keep our prices low to help you. You must try not to damage other parts to get the bit you want, we have security cameras throughout our yard that could catch you!

These are just some of our rules, a full and detailed list of current yard rules is available at the gate.